Glasgow Mela

This weekend was the weekend of the Glasgow Mela, one of my favourite festivals each year. The Mela originally started off as a festival for Glasgow’s Asian community, but it has since developed into a kind of world event with music, dance performances and food from all around the world.

This event really represents all that is good about Glasgow with its long tradition of inclusion. It’s just fabulous to walk through Kelvingrove Park and see both performers as well as visitors in their multi-coloured outfits, listening to the sounds of Punjabi music and smelling the food from the Lahori food-stalls.

Here are just a few impressions taken with my new Nikon D7000.



Summer in Scotland…

After an incredibly cold and miserable spring, summer finally arrived in Scotland last week. The sun was out, and the cafés and restaurants were filled with people. The best way to experience Scotland in the summer though is to leave the city behind and to experience its amazing countryside.

New Camera…

I have finally done it, and treated myself to a digital SLR camera. My new toy is a Nikon D7000 with an 18mm – 105mm lens. It’s a big and heavy camera compared to my little P7000, but so far I’m very impressed how it handles in low light situations. It is also quite nice operating a camera with just a viewfinder again, rather than depending on the LCD screen. Thanks to Luca and Sofia who were my first ‘guinea pigs’.